About the Artist


Bongo began carving stone and wood in Africa when he was very young, under the influence of his grandfather. In Zimbabwe, it is common for families to pass the trade of sculpting down among the generations and Bongo's family often created effigies of animals. The animals are symbolic of their tribal cultural traditions and are often inspired by dreams. He also focuses on mother-and-child and family abstract pieces.

Bongo learned to carve with a homemade adze and he began mastering his sculptures in order to exhibit in galleries, both in Europe and the USA. He uses the natural beauty of wood and does not use paint or stains - only polish or outdoor protector to finish his marvelous work.

His latest work was exhibited in Craig, Colorado at the Whittler's of the Wood Show. He was asked to participate in the Chapunga exhibit at the Botanical Gardens with his band, which is another one of his art forms. Since his first carving contest, Bongo has been invited to events clear across the USA, Europe and Japan. Bongo has shared his wealth of talent and his performances with children.

For information on purchasing Bongo's work or to book Bongo for an event such as a performance, carving event or children's art, call (720) 365-6695.