About the Artist



Bongo Love can carve a 30 ft tree or log for display out of doors and he can also sculpt an intriguing piece to hang on your wall or display in your foyer!

Bongo has been sculpting since he was a young child using several different mediums including, stone and clay and wood. He is a well- rounded sculptor that peaks the curiosity of all age levels and many different interest groups.

Bongo is inspired by nature and his work is often based upon a type of family nucleus. He is adaptable to many different ideas and he brings a unique cultural element. He sculpts African animals, American animals, abstract humans and so much more.

Relating with Audiences
One unique feature Bongo has is the ability to intrigue audiences. People often gather around him as he works and he entertains them with questions and answers and thought provoking ideas. When Bongo is not sculpting he is teaching children around the world about his culture in Africa. He uses drums, storytelling, dancing and songs. You may see clips of his workshops at www.kudzidza.com

Teaching, Catering and Other Skills...
He has also taught sculpting classes at various schools and colleges. Another one of his talents is cooking and these are other classes he teaches. He has catered parties that everyone remembers!
He also is the leader of a band. He band information and soundtracks are featured at

Prior Events & Competitions
Here are some examples of the carving experiences and competitions Bongo has participated in:

2005, 2006, 2007 Whittle of the Wood chainsaw competition in Craig, Colorado - a 3 day event where carvers pick a 20-30 foot log and they create and carve their piece. Crowds of thousands pass through the park to watch this amazing and artistic event.

2006, 2007 Shoreline Arts Carving Competition, Campbell River, Canada - "Transformations on the Shore" began in 1997 and has been seen by thousands and thousands. Visitors and local residents love to watch the carvers at work and enjoy the carvings that are left along the Sea Walk and throughout the City of Campbell River.

2006 Carving For A Miracle, Eureka, MO – a benefit for the St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Bongo carved several “quick carve” pieces and a 30 foot high piece.
Bongo is also an entertainer: a great band and a children’s group!

2007 Ocean Shores Carving Competition, Ocean Shores, WA – an event that hosts some of the top carvers in the world. Bongo carved several “quick carve” pieces and he worked on a 20 foot main piece.