The Kudzidza Foundation is working to establish and maintain a bridge of mutual education between the U.S. and Zimbabwe. In the Shona language of Zimbabwe, Kudzidza means "education". We offer programs through Kudzidza to support the lives of children and adults of Zimbabwe as well as other African communities. The African culture is about participation and Kudzidza wants America to participate. We work with children and adults in the United States to share the traditional lifestyles of the African people. Songs are used in the African culture to pass on values, history and traditions.

The best way to educate America is through our dynamic performances. Please help us book performances to share our culture with you and to support the lives of our dignified people. We need help to do this and supporting our cause through our various programs or signing up for a membership is extremely helpful.

The Kudzidza Foundation is in need of office supplies, computers, laptops, paper, and writing utensils. some of our brothers and sisters have a need for housing in the U.S. and we are also looking for land to garden, vehicles, and farm equipment.

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